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Why Do We Need Another Wedding Blog??

Well, it brought you to our page, that's why! Ha! Frankly, blogging wasn't in the original plan. We wanted to create a website for our business, The Hidden Gem Event Venue, but apparently, blogging increases traffic to our site, so here we are! Blogging is a great way to market our services, but we can also share (vent) what we've encountered in this industry in the last couple of years. Increase traffic to our website and get some things off our chest? Yes and Yes.

For the record, we've only been rocking with this industry for just over 2 years. However, after navigating the Covid Coaster as a brand-new wedding venue, we kind of feel like experts in the field. I mean... We navigated a gathering business in the midst of a non-gathering pandemic and we're still here and stronger than ever. We've earned a few stripes! That said, we are still new and still fighting to become all that we should be as a business. We're humble students of the industry and frankly, we plan to remain here until perfection is reached... so forever!

Who are we? The Hidden Gem Event Venus is a full-service wedding and event venue located close to Lansing, Michigan in the quaint community of Holt. We have been in business since January 2020. While we do have a new name and owners (Ernest and Carmen Tisdale), the venue itself has been here for over 20 years and was formerly known as Charlar Place.

We offer a venue with indoor and outdoor seating, ample parking and a pretty view along with catering, bar services and decorations.

When many guests walk in, their first words are, "Wow...this is a hidden gem!" We mostly host weddings and receptions - including micro-weddings, but we have also hosted showers, celebration of life events, birthdays, reunions, corporate meetings, etc. All the things. It's honestly an incredible blessing to have been a part of so many different celebrations.

Our team is made up of an incredible group of "interesting" people. Most of us are pretty multi-faceted weirdos who can't stand doing the same thing all the time. We do everything from moving tables and chairs, to decorating, cleaning, cooking, landscaping, marketing, administrating, touring...... lol! We don't hire anyone who isn't willing to do a little bit of everything. It's "all hands on deck" and we're crazy enough to love it. Customer service is one of our top priorities, and we've learned that having happy team members helps us to achieve that goal.

That's a bit about us. Any questions??

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