Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost for an event at your venue?

Please visit our services page for more information regarding our pricing and services. Once you know what services you are interested in, we can provide an estimate for you! Please email for more information. 

How much does it cost to rent the facility only (no other services)?

Full service events are required on peak Saturdays between May and October. We can provide full services on any day of the week, but do permit venue-only use on non-peak dates. We do not permit outside alcohol at room-only events. We do not permit use of our kitchen. 

Do you have regular office hours?

We do not have regular office hours at this time. We are open by appointment only and can be reached by email ( or phone (517) 699-5595 at any time. 

Are we allowed to bring our own catering?

We do not allow outside catering on peak dates (Saturdays between May and October), but you are permitted to use outside catering most other days. We do NOT allow use of our kitchen to clients or their  guests.


Can we bring our own alcohol?

We are a liquor licensed facility and cannot permit outside alcohol on our property at any time. Failure for clients or their guests to comply will result in the immediate loss of the client's damage deposit. No exceptions. 


Can we smoke cigarettes or use marijuana in any form?

We do not permit cigarette smoking on most of our property, but do permit it on a far corner of our property where an ash tray is present. We do NOT permit use of marijuana or cannabis on our property. Failure to comply will result in the immediate loss of the client's damage deposit and/or fines.

What is the booking process?

A non-refundable damage deposit and signed contract are required to book a date. We do NOT hold dates. The amount of the deposit is determined by the services requested.

How many guests can your facility host at one time?

Indoors, we can host up to 184 with round tables and over 200 with long tables. Outdoors, we can host up to 125 with round tables and up to 175 with a mix of long and round tables. These numbers decrease when adding a dance floor, DJ setup, head table, etc. Please contact us directly with questions regarding your guest count and setup requests. A garden ceremony can host up to 150 guests.

Can we bring in our own DJ, Florist, or Decorations?

Yes. We do request to speak with all vendors before they arrive. As for decorations, we do not allow anything to be attached to our walls at any time by using any method. We do not allow confetti of any kind (including confetti balloons) or flower petals. Any damage to the building will result in the immediate loss of the client's damage deposit.